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This three hour virtual panel of the worlds biggest benchers is here to talk all things bench press and answer your questions, while raising money for young powerlifters!


Everyone on this expert panel has benched at least 1,000lbs in competition and knows a thing or two about how to build big benches.

The Panel:
Jimmy Kolb (@kolbstrong)
Ryan Kennelly (@realryankennelly)
Scot Mendelson (@scotmendelson)
Tiny Meeker (@tinymeeker)
Rich Putnam (@bench.freak)
Bob Merkh (@merkh1776)
Rob Forell (@f8customs)
Doug Smithey
Kalle Ylitalo-James (@benchincredibles)
Tony Carlino (@sirbenchalot1k)
Bill Gillespie (@master_strength_)


Once purchased, you will recieve a digital download PDF with instructions and a link to watch the webinar. Your purchase of this webinar recording directly helps us raise money for the Kolbstrong Scholarship and supporting young athletes as they get started in this sport.


Please do not share this link or download. The lifters in this event have come together to help us raise money for our lifting scholarship, and sharing it with others for free takes away from that, and therefore takes away from the young athletes we are all working to help.

Press Command Bench Panel Replay

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